How to Start an Aircraft Maintenance

How to Start an Aircraft Maintenance

Business First and foremost, you or someone you know will need an A&P license. How to get an A&P license is not the topic of this article. The readers of this article are mechanics who already hold an A&P certification.

You will need to put in extra effort to get one of the highest-paying jobs as an aircraft mechanic, and running your own side business will require additional input. Like most things in life you get out what you put in. We’ll go over the most important steps for getting your aircraft maintenance Hussle up and running in this section.

We want to discuss the numerous approaches to business success before we begin. Some people will meticulously plan each step to the point where they never open because they waste too much time planning. Analytical paralysis is the term for this. Then their are the people who don’t for even a moment register a business? I mean discussion about transient.

You would rather not be in both of these classifications. Get used to the fact that you will make mistakes; every business owner has made a lot of them. You won’t die from your mistakes. Your mentality is what will. A methodical approach to quickly opening an aircraft maintenance business is to follow a straightforward guide like the one below. You might have to go back and cover something that isn’t mentioned here once you’re up and running. That’s fine. We’re going to tell you everything you need to do before starting an aircraft maintenance company. Okay, let’s begin!

Register Your Company First and foremost, you will need to register your company. This includes selecting a name, verifying that it is not already taken, and registering your company. It sounds intense right? NOT TRUE. With a service like the ones we’ve listed below, legally registering your business is a breeze. For under 75 bucks you can be a legitimate enlisted business in your state. Due to its simplicity and low upkeep, the LLC structure is our recommendation. When running an aircraft maintenance business, you must have your own separate business. It helps you legally separate yourself from your personal assets, like your house, savings, and car, among other things.

Before registering your company, you should verify that a name similar to your proposed one does not already exist. Simply conduct a Google search for your company’s name (for example: LLC of Phalanx Aviation). Don’t use a business name that is similar to one that is used in the aviation industry. Additionally, look under “secretary of state” in your state for names that are similar. To become a business in your state, all businesses must submit their paperwork here. Simply type in your state into Google, then type in “secretary of state” into the business search box. Search for a Colorado Secretary of State’s Business