How to Track SPAM Calls

How to Track SPAM Calls

I frequently receive calls from unsolicited telemarketers offering me products or services in which I am not interested. I’ll show you how to stop spam calls for good in this article.

Answer the phone once and inquire about the caller’s identity and whether or not they are a telemarketer before spending time identifying an “unknown caller.” After you ask them to remove you from their marketing database and hang up, use a directory enquiries service (we recommend Phone Book Direct) to find their name and address, write a letter asking where they got your information, and do this for each spam caller.

We now had letters from ten different businesses identifying the source from which they had obtained our personal information without our consent; fifty percent of these businesses confirmed that one marketing company was the culprit; Their letters served as evidence in the event that I needed to take further action and confirmed this.

The following clear step was reaching the promoting organization distinguishing the badgering we experienced a consequence of their carelessness and requested they eliminate our subtleties; They agreed that they would contact the more than 200 businesses and would no longer share our information.

The gist of this tutorial is straightforward:

If you don’t pick up the phone; They will continue to call back.

If you want your information removed; They are still in use by other companies.

Therefore, find out where businesses obtained your information and ask them to delete it.

Going to court costs cash however, so we reached the showcasing organization with our solicitation to eliminate us from their records and gave them evidence of the letters different organizations sent us affirming it was them; They agreed to get rid of us and talk to every business they gave our information to (over 213 in all).

All of a sudden, no more spam calls!

The best way to avoid being harassed and irritated by spam calls for more than nine years is to conduct a directory inquiry search on each number that calls (we recommend Phone Book Direct) and send a letter to the company asking where they obtained your information. We asked six marketing companies to delete our information, and after eight days, we still haven’t received a spam call.

We discovered a free service called that allowed us to conduct reverse phone number lookups on each and every number that contacted us, and we were astonished to learn that it identified three out of four numbers. The service provided us with every information about the company, including their name and even their address; We had identified more than ten spam callers in a single sweep.

Phone Book Direct has literally identified the businesses that were spamming us, and as a result, we have been able to stop receiving spam calls to our home and finally live in peace; I don’t usually represent satisfaction for a product or service. They have absolutely saved our lives.

I hope this is of use.