Shaper Head

Shaper Head:

The Shaper head is gathered on the Ground. Two Crawler cranes are utilized to transform over the cutterhead and lower into the functioning shaft. The in general lifting weight of the cutterhead is 220T.

There are two sorts of Shaper Head for Delicate Ground Safeguard Machine.

• Spoke Type;

• Plate Type;

The cutting wheel is furnished with various types of Cutting Apparatuses:

• Scrubbers/Primary Shaper 282 ;

• Going before/Essential Shaper 159;

• Shell Shaper 25;

• Wear Identifier 2;

• Twofold Edge Uncompromising Tearing Shaper 12

• Fringe Insurance Shaper 25;

• Fish Tail Shaper 1;

TBM Supporting Streetcar Gathering Plan:

After Safeguard collecting, the match streetcar is gathered to the on location get together of 1# , 2#, 3# and 4# as indicated by the saved lifting opening (Length 20mXWidth 7.5m) at C&C segment.

Shaper Head:700mm

Streetcar 1: 14.35m

Streetcar 2: 17.65m

Streetcar 3: 14.50m

Streetcar 4: 16.80m

Going before Works of TBM Send off: Vertical Freezing Support:

Vertical Freezing Support is an approach to built up soil which can help before the TBM send off. The functioning shaft end is united through Ø1200@800 triple-tube HP substance beating heaps. To stay away from shaper plate wear when the safeguard begins, vertical Freezing Support is utilized. The thickness of the freezing wall is 1.5 m, the width is 16.0 m, and the freezing profundity is 25 m. The principal column of openings is 400 mm from the side line of the substantial furrow wall, the distance between the openings is 800 mm, including 21 ones. The subsequent line is 800 mm separated from the principal column, stumbled with the primary column in plum bloom shape in 20 openings.

On the posterior of the Shaper Top of this Safeguard Machine, a Safeguard Parcel is introduced. The Space between the Segment and the Shaper Head is named “SLURRY Lodge”. The slurry made of water, mud and added substances is squeezed into the Slurry Lodge through the Pipeline and the slurry fills the whole Slurry Lodge with a specific strain to shape a slurry pressure chamber. At the point when the Safeguard Machine progresses, the earth and sand cut by the cutters is blended by the mixing gadget to shape high-thickness slurry which is shipped off the Slurry Treatment Plant on the ground through liquid transportation and the dirt and water are isolated and afterward back to the Slurry Lodge.