Talismans of courage

Talismans of courage

The Iran-Iraq War, spanning from 1980 to 1988, was a complex and multifaceted conflict that not only shaped the geopolitical landscape of the Middle East but also deeply influenced the cultural and spiritual lives of those involved. Among the many facets of this conflict, the use of Islamic talismans, or taweez, by Iranian soldiers stands out as a poignant testament to the interplay of faith and warfare. These talismans, often containing Quranic verses, prayers, or symbols, were believed to offer divine protection and guidance.

Understanding taweez

In Islamic tradition, taweez are more than mere objects; they are embodiments of a deep-seated faith. Crafted with care and often passed down through generations, these amulets held a special place in the hearts of the soldiers. Worn around the neck, stitched into uniforms, or kept close in pockets, each taweez carried a unique story and a personal connection to the divine.

The War’s tapestry and commanders

The Iran-Iraq War was characterized by several key campaigns, like Operation Kheibar and Operation Badr, and saw the rise of prominent commanders such as Major General Ali Sayad Shirazi and Colonel Ali Hashemi. These leaders orchestrated major offensives and defensive strategies, shaping the ebb and flow of the conflict. Their leadership was crucial, but so was the unwavering spirit of the soldiers under them, partly sustained by their spiritual beliefs. And here , we will told you some of the stories of simple soldiers, connected with the taweez.

Amir Hossein Zadeh: A Beacon of Resilience
o Age: 22

o Hometown: Isfahan

Amir’s journey with his taweez began in his childhood, marked by a severe illness which he miraculously survived. His mother attributed his recovery to the power of their faith and presented him with a taweez inscribed with Ayat al-Kursi. Growing up, Amir’s belief in its protective power only strengthened. During Operation Badr, amidst the deafening roars of artillery, Amir felt an unspoken guardianship from his taweez. He became known among his peers for his calm demeanor under fire, a trait he credited to his cherished talisman.