The True Manager

The True Manager

The True Manager: What is required to be a true manager? I figure this can be summarized by the meaning of legitimate; Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary states, ” true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character without pretenses is sincere and authentic.

No assumptions, this is elusive in the present society. We have developed into a narcissistic gathering where the inquiry is generally in the vast majority’s sub-conscience “how might this benefit me”. I accept business and the executives has developed to a narcissistic perspective, where everybody has begun to pay special attention to their own self and not everyone’s benefit.

When was the last time that you have conversed with somebody, and they really paid attention to you? They didn’t interpose their own story or block on yours. Managers must behave like coaches and build teams with the goal of making the whole group successful rather than just their own success in mind. What became of the team idea? It is given a lot of verbiage, but I don’t think it is used. To be real, you must be consistent with yourself. to be able to ask yourself in the mirror, “Am I serving the greater good or just myself?”

Dale Wimbrow wrote a poem in 1934 titled “The Guy in the Glass” out there.

The Guy in the Glass If you succeed in your struggle for possession and the world grants you the title of King for a day, then look in the mirror and hear what that guy has to say.

Your Father, Mother, or Wife are not the ones who must pass judgment on you.

The feller whose decision includes most in your life

Is the person gazing back from the glass.

You’ve passed your most dangerous and challenging test if the guy in the glass is your friend, and he’s the guy to please, regardless of the rest. He stays with you until the end.

You might think you’re a wonderful guy and “chisel” a plum like Jack Horner, but the man in the glass says you’re just a bum if you can’t look him in the eye.

You can trick the entire world down the pathway of years,

What’s more, get applauds as you pass,

In any case, your last award will be feelings of grief and tears

Assuming that you’ve deceived the person in the glass.