Time to obtain CCSP certification in 2023

Time to obtain CCSP certification in 2023

There has never been a better time to obtain CCSP certification. Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) is a professional certification issued by (ISC)², a non-profit organization that provides cybersecurity education and certification.

CCSP: Overview

To become a certified CCSP, a person must meet the following requirements: Have at least five years of paid employment in one or more of the six areas of the

CCSP Common Knowledge Unit (CBK).

CCSP Pass the CCSP exam covering six areas of the CBK:

Cloud Computing Concepts, Architecture and Design

Cloud Data Security

Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Security

a Legal, risk and compliance

(ISC) )² I Accept the Code of Ethics.

Submit the completed application and pay the approval fee.

I encourage you to start your journey by registering on the ISC2 website and review the rules and fees for obtaining this business certification. Prepare for the

CCSP Exam To prepare for the

CCSP exam, individuals can study the CCSP CBK (Common Body of Knowledge), available at (ISC)². Amazon and other bookstores have other resources as well. Consider CCSP CBK and at least one research.

You may also decide to take a course or use other study materials such as practice tests and tutorials. However, while educational programs can be beneficial, they can be expensive. Training sessions can affect your study time because (if you study like me) I like to learn everything in depth whereas training week (for example) is the test item.

In general, to sit and pass the CCSP exam, you must have a solid foundation in cybersecurity concepts and cloud computing technology knowledge before taking the CCSP exam.

Overview of 6 elements

Cloud computing: Six elements of CCSP

Cloud Computing Concepts, Architecture and Design covers the principles, methods, and designs used to design and operate cloud computing environments.