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7 reasons people buy fake degrees

7 reasons people buy fake degrees

You may have gone to school, graduated, and proud to have a bachelor’s or master’s degree. You’ve worked hard and you’re proud of your accomplishments.

You may want to know why people buy fake degrees. Have you ever thought about going back to school?

1.You lost your real diploma

It’s annoying when something gets lost when you move. If it’s something you’ve worked hard for, like a college degree, you’ll feel the loss even more.

The exchange of degrees and diplomas is usually time-consuming and expensive. If you’ve lost a lot in a move or been the victim of a theft, your hard work might just be for nothing.

2.You’re going back to school and you need motivation

College and higher education can seem daunting. Maybe you work hard and are a member of an honour society, or maybe you just want to attend evening classes.

Either way, you dream of the day when you can keep your degree and be proud of everything you’ve accomplished. Until then, there are difficult days and times when you want to quit smoking.

3.One reason people buy a fake diploma is to stop the gullible

Everyone knows someone who, for some reason, acts like they’re better than everyone else. In many cases you will meet people who claim to have a college degree or higher and act as if that is proof enough of their superiority.

Although we shouldn’t get discouraged and compare ourselves to others, it’s a natural part of life.

If you feel better about having a diploma hanging in your office or bedroom, or prevent them from pretending they are better than you, consider getting one.

4.Show pride or admiration for a particular school

Maybe you’ve always dreamed of going to Harvard or Yale. Many people would like to attend these schools, but factors such as time, money and family commitments prevent them from doing so.

So you continue your studies elsewhere, but that doesn’t stop you from wishing you’d gone to the school of your dreams. If so, you have options and opportunities to put your Harvard degree on or as close to the wall as possible.

Consider getting a fake diploma from the school you intended to attend. You can hang it on the wall as an honorific.

5. Used as a prop for film or theatre

Perhaps you are handling props and preparing for an upcoming stage production or film. If the characters in the story need a degree or diploma as part of their endorsement, you need to get a fake one.

If you already know the secrets of being a prop in a show, you know the importance of having realistic props that allow the audience to contain their disbelief.

6. A deal stays in place until the real deal comes along

You may be close to your goal, but it will still be a while before you complete it. You might be ready for a big party, but turns out you won’t graduate until you’ve paid your tuition.

Instead of postponing the celebration, get a fake diploma instead. People won’t notice the difference and it will save you the embarrassment of waiting for reality to happen.

7. Buying college can be cheaper than going to school

Let’s face it: college is expensive. If you’ve always wanted a college degree but don’t have the money to go to college, that’s understandable.

Instead of putting off your dreams, consider getting a fake degree. You can hang it on the wall, tell everyone you’re gone, or just use it as a wall decoration.

Unless you are certified by a government agency, most people cannot tell whether or not you attended a particular college. If you’ve always wanted to be part of the crowd, take this opportunity to call yourself an alumnus of your favorite school.

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