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Why learn Mandarin? 6 valid reasons

Why learn Mandarin? 6 valid reasons

While there are many languages ​​worth learning, Mandarin is one of the best languages ​​to learn.

1.Why learn Mandarin?

Check out this guide to discover the top reasons to learn Mandarin.

1It is the most commonly used language
If you choose to learn Mandarin, you have many opportunities to practice your skills.

In fact, Mandarin is the most widely spoken language in the world. In fact, almost a billion people speak Mandarin. In other words, 1 in 6 people in the world speaks this language.

And as more people realize the importance of learning this language, the number will increase.

2. More opportunities to travel

English is the second most spoken language in the world, which means that nowadays you can travel to many countries without having to learn a new language.

However, there is some evidence of being able to communicate with residents in their mother tongue or in a language other than English. By entering the language of another culture, you will have a richer travel experience.

The good news is that learning Mandarin will enrich your travel experience in many countries. Outside of China, Mandarin is also spoken in Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Thailand, Indonesia, Mongolia and the Philippines.

Although many of these countries have native languages ​​other than Mandarin, you will still find many locals who speak Mandarin and will be happy to converse with you in that language.

3. Explore Chinese history and culture

The Mandarin language is closely linked to its culture and history.

So, when you learn Mandarin, you not only learn a new language, you also learn about the history and culture of one of the largest and most influential countries in the world.

China is famous for writing beautiful poems, stories and novels and its history dates back thousands of years.

You are likely to be fascinated by Chinese history, culture and language.

4. Improve your career prospects

China is a huge world power in business.

If you can communicate with business people in China in their native language, you will no doubt become a more attractive candidate.

Ask Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Although Zuckerberg is already one of the most successful business people in the world, he recently learned Mandarin to improve his international business relationships.

With the rise of China, Mandarin is becoming an increasingly important language to learn in the business world. However, it is still quite rare to find foreigners who are fluent in English and Mandarin. So learning the language will definitely help you get your foot in the door and boost your career.

5.More resources than ever

If you started learning Mandarin 30 years ago, you must rely on your textbook and teacher to help you become proficient.

But today it’s not like that anymore. Now you have thousands of resources to learn Mandarin. There are tons of free podcasts, YouTube videos, and audio lessons online.

And if you live in a big city, you probably have dozens of Mandarin tutors and courses to choose from.

Or you can use a site like Manda rhythm to learn a language online.

If you are interested in travel, there are also courses you can take abroad, in China and other countries.

In short, wherever you are, you can learn a language!

6. It’s easier than you think

When people hear that Mandarin has more than 80,000 characters, they tend to avoid the language.

However, Mandarin is much easier to learn than many people think. This is because Mandarin has no conjugation, verb, subject-verb agreement, plural, or tense.

And although there are more than 80,000 characters, you typically only use about 3,500 in a conversation. Also, the structure of Mandarin is considered very logical and you will not encounter a number of irregularities as with other languages.

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