Spectacular Henry Ford Quotes You Should Know

Spectacular Henry Ford Quotes You Should Know

Henry Ford was more than the founder of the Ford Motor Company. He was an industrialist and a pioneer who changed every industry forever.

Since he was a visionary who thrived long before his time, it makes sense that he would have plenty of wisdom to share with anyone who wants to make their dream come true.

And there’s no better way to guess Henry Ford’s experience and knowledge than some of Henry Ford’s best quotes.

Henry Ford’s best quotes

Ford knew exactly how powerful words can be, having written and published several books throughout his career. Because he understood and believed in the power of the written word, throughout his life he spoke and wrote many powerful phrases that we can still use today to better ourselves.

Here are five of the best Henry Ford quotes that every aspiring creator, inventor, and entrepreneur should know.

Those who stop learning are old, whether they are 20 or 80 years old. Those who learn stay young.

Your training does not end with graduation. Henry understood that the world is huge and ever-changing, so there is always something new to learn.

Unlike Mr. Ford, we have instant and constant access to the world’s most comprehensive source of information: the Internet. So it’s a lot easier to keep learning now than it was when the Model-T hit the streets. Ford understood that failure is an inevitable part of life. But he also knew that those failures were the perfect opportunity to learn lessons you wouldn’t have learned otherwise and start anew.

A business that only makes money is a bad business.

This is one of those classic business mistakes that many failed start-ups make. While you want your business to be profitable, that can’t be your only goal. If you only focus on your income, you are not building a strong foundation to support growth and longevity.

Chop your wood and it will warm you twice.

If you do your work yourself, not only will the fruits of your labor be a little sweeter, but you will learn and understand every part of the process. This additional knowledge will make your next task easier.

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