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Long Term Vape: Top 7 Vape Blogs On The Internet

Long Term Vape: Top 7 Vape Blogs On The Internet

Over 4.1 billion people regularly use the internet. Almost as impressive is the number of people who love to vape.

Why not?

There are few leisure activities more relaxing than unwinding at the end of a long day and inhaling your favorite flavor of e-juice.

If you’re one of the millions of people who enjoy both web browsing and vaping, we’re sure you’ll enjoy what we’re sharing with you.

Below, our team has scoured the web to find ten of the best vaping blogs that you absolutely must bookmark right now. So sit back, load up your vaporizer and relax while you read through our tips.

1. Steam washbasin

One of the most complicated aspects of vaping is choosing all the products and accessories available. With the steam washstand, the process becomes much easier.

visitors can expect a combination of outstanding product reviews and the latest vaping news on the Vapor Vanity Blog. We recommend signing up for their mailing list to take advantage of the great newsletters they send out!

2. Vapor Voice

If you are a vaping beginner, give Vapers Voice a try. Vapers Voice shares with readers the answers to a number of frequently asked questions about newbie vaping. He also creates a lot of quality legal content.

The motto of Vapers Voice is “vape hard and vape with pride”. See this motto embedded in all of their exclusive content!


ECF is more of a forum than a blog. However, a lot of the content posted by users on the ECF (short for E-cigarette Forum) is some of the best vaping content you can read on the web.

We love how ECF shares real articles and not just from a single publisher like most blogs. It offers a certain sharpness and uniqueness in terms of content that is second to none.

4.Vaper happy

If you’re looking for vape blogs that don’t sell, you’ll dig The Happy Vaper. All of The Happy Vaper’s content comes from the perspective of someone who tries different vape products and then leaves honest reviews about them.

There is something about this blog’s approach to sharing vape content that seems non-commercial and therefore trustworthy.

It’s thanks to The Happy Vaper that we discovered sites like Flavours United and others that have greatly improved our vaper lives!


Vapor Joe is the self-proclaimed king of online vaping content. The site says that they get more readership than any other vape publication and we’re inclined to believe them.

Not only do they have a massive social media following, but they provide some of the most unique vaping content we have the joy of reading day in and day out. Also, Vapor Joe shares a lot of great discount codes.

6.American Vaping Association

Have you ever met an annoying person who accused you of so many reasons why you should quit vaping? Want to counter their arguments but don’t know where to start?

If so, the first place to look is the American Vaping Association. It is one of the best vaping blogs that provides regulators and business owners with credible information to keep the vaping industry going.

You can learn everything you ever wanted to know about research and other information that can help you shape your arguments about vaping.

7. Guide to vaping

If you are looking for standard vape blog content as well as product reviews, celebrity interviews and news, Guide To Vaping is a great choice. If you too are looking for a blog that provides updates on upcoming vaping events, check out Guide To Vaping.

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