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How to get vitamin D in winter

How to get vitamin D in winter

Do you want to know how to get vitamin D in winter?

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble mineral that regulates calcium and phosphate metabolism in the body. We need it to promote healthier bone growth in our bodies. Thanks to the sun, we can easily get our daily dose.

When the sun’s ultraviolet rays hit the skin, a protein is activated that promotes the production of vitamin D. In winter, however, it’s harder to get enough UVB to make the vitamin because the clouds block most of it. However, the sun is not the only source of nutrients, here are some ways to get them in winter.

Take vitamin D supplements

There are two types of vitamin D supplements: vitamin D2 comes from plants or fungi and vitamin D3 comes from animals. Vitamins D2 and D3 both improve the immune system, relieve fatigue and muscle pain, and help fight depression.

For some, taking vitamin D pills is enough, but vitamin D3 is the only supplement recommended by most experts. This is because vitamin D cannot bind well to tissues and D2 has a higher concentration than D3.

Eat foods rich in vitamin D

Another way to increase your vitamin D intake during the winter is to eat foods that promote vitamin D production. The advantage of such products is that they are easy to find and store in the fall. It can be a good substitute for the sun and you can use it whenever and wherever you like. In fact, they produce UV radiation similar to that emitted by the sun.

This also means that they pose the same dangers as excessive exposure to the sun. Excessive exposure to radiation over a long period of time can burn the skin. Keep in mind that average UV light usage should be around 12-15 minutes.

Learn how to get vitamin D in the winter today

In winter we cannot be satisfied with the little vitamin D that the sun provides us with. With most of the sun blocked by seasonal weather patterns, finding alternative sources is important to staying healthy. Learn how to get vitamin D this winter and boost your health today!

Would you like to know more about your body’s needs? Getting enough vitamin D shouldn’t be your only priority to promoting a healthy body. Check out our guides and posts to learn everything you can today!

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